The Ultimate Guide to Finding Remote Sales Jobs in 2024

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March 11, 2024

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Unlock your ticket to the best remote sales jobs the internet has to offer. This is our comprehensive guide to this year’s remote job market.

Gone are the days of commuting into the office, queuing up for your next coffee, and eating miserable sandwiches in your company canteen. In our post-pandemic era, the world of sales has gone remote, meaning you can find a great role that you perform out of your kitchen, your living room, or even that cozy cafe down the street.

With more flexibility, the ability to enjoy home comforts, and more free time to do what you love, remote sales positions are all the rage, attracting candidates in their thousands. But how and where can you find them? And how can you stand out when you do?

In this ultimate guide to finding a remote sales job in 2024, we’ll look at what exactly a remote sales job is, the advantages of working remotely, and how you can find a remote position that works perfectly for you.

Let’s dive in!

What Is a Remote Sales Job?

Firstly, what exactly do we have in mind when we talk about a remote sales job?

Remote positions are jobs that have no permanent base, meaning that they can be effectively performed from anywhere. While a remote position might have an office space you can drop into occasionally, remote roles can be done predominantly from a location of your choice.

Sometimes, remote sales jobs aren’t 100% remote. In that case, they’re called ‘hybrid’ positions, a distinction which means that you’ll need to attend the office for important meetings or other tasks a few days a week. A hybrid role still means working remotely some of the time, so these positions suit those who enjoy going to the office but also like the flexibility of home working.

But isn’t sales a face-to-face role? Well, for many remote tech sales jobs, the answer is no. Nowadays, many tech companies and online businesses are fully virtual, meaning a remote sales representative only needs a reliable internet connection and a laptop to work from anywhere.

Why Are Remote Sales Jobs So Competitive?

Online sales jobs offer greater flexibility and suit many different lifestyles, meaning they are in high demand.

Many of us wear multiple hats in our day-to-day lives, and our work-from-home sales jobs are just one part of that. Being parents, managing a social life, and even caring for elderly parents are all reasons that some people want to be closer to home for the majority of their working day. Building remote sales careers is one way of making that happen.

But beyond this, remote jobs offer other benefits, such as cutting commuting time, reducing costs associated with travel and micro-purchases—like lunch and coffee—throughout the working day, and fewer office distractions.

Working from home isn’t for everyone, however. Some remote sales rep jobs could require travel to client sites, which is not ideal if you’re a caregiver at home. Some people may find it difficult to concentrate at home, while others may prefer the camaraderie and social aspect of working in an office location.

Yet sales work-from-home jobs remain attractive for many applicants, making them competitive. If you’re looking for a great remote position, it’s imperative that you submit a strong application, look only for jobs that fit your skills, and make yourself available for remote calls.

The Top Four Places to Find Remote Sales Jobs in 2024

So, if online sales jobs are so competitive, where is the best place to find them in 2024?

In this section, we’ll break down four career pages that offer online jobs in sales and other areas of the business.

1. Semrush Careers

Semrush is a leading online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform. It is the only software which enables marketing professionals to build, manage, and measure campaigns across all channels to improve their online visibility.

Semrush is growing, and we need qualified people to become a part of our team. With a varied range of positions on our website, plus helpful resources on finding (and landing) your dream online sales position, Semrush is a great place to start your online career.

2. LinkedIn

The corporate social media, LinkedIn is a great way to build connections, expand your professional network, and hunt for remote sales jobs.

To search for remote positions on LinkedIn, use their job search tool to browse, and make sure to select the ‘remote’ filter. Be careful, however, that many remote sales jobs offered on LinkedIn may not actually be remote at all. Make sure to read the description carefully.

3. is another great online search tool that helps you hunt for remote jobs and positions across the world. On Indeed, you can categorize by keyword and filter for full- and part-time remote sales jobs as you prefer.

While Indeed offers a huge selection of roles, not all businesses use job boards like this to recruit high-end roles. If you’re looking for a remote sales job with base salary listed, you might not find it on Indeed. Going directly to a company’s careers page might be a better option.


We Work Remotely (WWR) is a great place to find remote jobs online. With listings updated daily, this site offers a comprehensive list of vacancies available, including tech sales jobs, remote customer support positions, design roles, and more.
The downside? Some positions on WWR receive hundreds of thousands of applications.It’s better to search directly for remote jobs with a company you’d like to work for.

Skills Needed for Online Sales Jobs

Once you’ve found an excellent remote position, it’s time to get serious about your application. This means brushing up your CV, carefully crafting a cover letter that shows off your ability, and preparing yourself for the kind of skills you need.

At Semrush, our talent specialists for remote sales roles often look for specific soft skills that applicants must demonstrate. These include:

  • A ‘hunter’ mentality: Remote jobs require you to be hungry for growth. In a virtual role, it’s not great to be a wallflower. Instead, you need to be adaptable, always looking for a way in, and versatile enough to build relationships—even through a screen.
  • Determination, resilience, and grit: In your interview and application process, demonstrate how you bring an open-minded and positive outlook with a ‘never quit’ attitude. In remote positions, it pays to be curious and goal-oriented.
  • Being coachable and adaptable: Remote businesses need team players who respond well to feedback and seek it out to improve. Plus, being highly organized and structured always helps, as it shows you can manage yourself well and are disciplined.
  • Customer-obsessed: In any sales role, you must show that you’re customer-obsessed. Demonstrate that you can think as your customers do, offer exemplary service, and that you go above and beyond for the account experience.

You can show off these skills by including concrete examples in your CV, resume or cover letter. Remember to always back up your examples with key facts and give details so that the hiring manager can understand your experience.

Browse Open Remote Sales Positions Today

If you’re on the hunt for an open remote sales position, browse vacancies at Semrush now. With an international job board, a diverse range of roles on offer, and remote positions available for applicants across the globe, Semrush is an exciting place to build your remote career.

Search for remote sales roles in your country today.

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