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You might think there’s no need to describe the Sales direction in a separate section. After all, these colleagues are obviously responsible for making product presentations and growing partnerships with our clients. However, Semrush wouldn’t be Semrush if everything was that simple.

In our large Expansion Division, there are several teams and focus areas:

The Account Executive Teams maintain strong relationships with existing customers, going deeper into their particular business needs and providing additional Semrush solutions to optimize growth through prospecting, sales calls, demos, and rapport-building.

The Sales Training & Enablement Team supports the whole division through translating product information into comprehensible resources. This team conducts onboarding for all new Sales people and prepares regular training (product and soft skills) for them as well as for the Sales Managers.

The Compensation Team is responsible for developing, maintaining, and running the sales incentive compensation processes. They provide reporting and analysis related to commission and bonus compensation.

The Sales Operations Team makes use of competitive analysis, past performance metrics, and other indicators to predict future growth and trends.

The Project Management Team develops, monitors, and reviews project management deliverables and activities within the project plans. Department’s strategic and important projects are started and managed by this team. They make our future interesting and cutting-edge!

The Product Solutions Team provides detailed presentations of our platform and tools to convey their value to customers. These colleagues also deal with all technical issues that arise in the sales process, prepare the necessary documentation, and interact with the development teams.

The Expansion Division is very large and has members from all over the world: Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, you name it! Currently, we have several hubs in the United States and our largest one is located in Barcelona.

The growth and creativity Semrush brings out in us is something that makes this feel like so much more than just a job.

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