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DEI is all about us: leaders, employees, and customers

At Semrush, we celebrate and support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Our view on DEI allows us the freedom to be who we want to be and excel at the opportunities we create together. Each of our employees, partners, and customers have unique personal backgrounds, and we celebrate that by creating a safe, collaborative, and comfortable environment for all. This is the only way we can grow and develop as a company.

“Our success is not connected to our skin color, gender identity, sexual orientation, or ability. It depends on how much we want to achieve and how we work toward common goals together.”

Oleg Shchegolev
CEO and Founder

Semrush DEI Manifesto


Hiring diverse, unique professionals ≥ maintaining the same perspective.

Our employees’ energy and motivation are exactly what allows us to create the future and accomplish what no one else can in the market. We embrace highly motivated professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences - if we didn’t, we would miss out on unique ideas, ways of thinking, and new and exciting opportunities for the company and our customers.We understand that working with all people helps us maintain an exceptional culture; one that fosters motivation, innovation, and a deep sense of pride for what we do.


Open, safe, and fair environment ≥ hierarchy and rank.

For us, an open environment is one where we value every employee, their opinion, and contribution in a fair and just way—regardless of their experience, status, or circumstance. We recognize that everyone is different, and we’re proud to dedicate time, tools and resources to ensure everyone reaches their full potential—this is what allows us to build up individual and team growth within the company and apply valuable feedback from all corners of our organization. The combination of expertise, experience, and an open environment where ideas flourish creates the opportunity to bring out the best in the company and enables us to constantly evolve. We choose not to focus on an atmosphere of hierarchy and rank; instead, we focus on maintaining and improving an open, safe, and fair environment where everyone can succeed and feel valued.


Effective integration of highly motivated professionals ≥ autonomy.

Diverse (by race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identification, etc.) professionals who know how to make decisions and act independently help the company continue to move forward and excel. We believe this is possible only if we have an environment that allows employees to integrate seamlessly, assists them in achieving goals, and removes barriers. This type of environment shows respect and appreciation of different cultures and backgrounds. Maintaining and developing such an environment is impossible without the support of all employees and flexibility in processes. If a colleague needs or asks for help, we will always offer assistance instead of remaining silent or indifferent. We make sure new and current employees never feel alone in their work; whether they are at the office or at home, we know they are the future of our company and our most important asset.

DEI Support and Development

Policy and Processes

It is essential for us to support DEI in words and actions. Every Semrush employee signs the DEI policy. All new processes adhere to this policy: from hiring to promotions.


From the very first interaction with a future employee to their onboarding on Day 1, we integrate our DEI policy and principles across every step of the hiring process.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are integral to Semrush culture. Our future success is contingent on creating a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.

DEI in Numbers


of C-Level represents
underrepresented groups1


gender wage gap in salaried leadership positions2


of Semrush employees identify as women


of women in tech roles


of leadership positions3 at Semrush are held by women


of our US colleagues identify as an underrepresented racial group4

Employee Resource Groups

At Semrush, we have 6 Employee Resource Groups — bringing together members and allies across functions around the globe. Resource groups help us build strong communities and create better work-life balance for everyone.

Parents community
LGBTQ+ community
People of color community
Women’s rights community
People with disabilities community
Neurodiverse community

We value all the things that make you, you. Become a part of our Semrush community.

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  1. 1 Underrepresented groups include LGBTQ+, women communities.
  2. 2 Leadership positions are VP, Senior Director, Director, Senior Head, Head, Senior Lead, and Lead positions.
  3. 3 Leadership positions are VP, Senior Director, Director, Senior Head, Head, Senior Lead, and Lead positions.
  4. 4 Underrepresented racial/ethnic groups include Black or African American, Hispanic or Latinx, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander, and Native American.