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Sustainability Mission

Semrush is committed to helping protect our environment and contributing to a more sustainable world, particularly through clean energy initiatives. We do this by supporting scalable innovation and sustainable energy sources for off-grid communities.

Semrush Sustainability action:

  • Partnering with NGOs that have targeted programs for clean energy distribution in order to offset our energy and carbon footprint.
  • Working with expert local partners to bring clean, affordable energy to impoverished and underserved communities in secluded areas through the most essential establishments, such as health centers and hospitals.
  • Participating in local activities to further embed ourselves in the global community of businesses focused on sustainable energy.

External programs we support:

A UK-based international non-governmental organization (INGO) which, in 2022 alone, provided 22,807 people with renewable energy-inspired solutions. With clean, reliable and affordable energy, these people can now access water and irrigate crops, light and power their homes, schools, and health clinics, and develop new businesses. By also providing access to clean cooking, Renewable World helps reduce air pollution and vulnerability to diseases. Renewable World also supports communities in increasing their resilience to climate change through solar-powered early warning systems, training in climate-smart agriculture, and projects to protect and improve livelihoods and fragile ecosystems.

“Scalable innovation is what drives us to the future” is the motto of the program, which aligns perfectly with Semrush’s focuses and goals.

With a monetary donation, Semrush provided support for several program costs for Renewable World, including:

  • E4WASH project in Nepal: taking action to improve access to and use of safe water, sanitation, and hygiene in secluded areas with the help of solar-powered water pumping solutions;
  • Keep Kids in School in Nepal: providing access to solar-pumped water with improved sanitation for over 10 secondary schools in the area of Gulmi;
  • Various solar and cleaning systems in hospitals, and flood-warning systems powered by solar energy.

A US-based non-profit organization which addresses the basic lighting needs of vulnerable off-grid communities in sub-Saharan Africa, specifically Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. With a team located in the region, and in cooperation with local health ministers, LTBLI consults with and provides support to local doctors, nurses, and visitors to the clinics—the people directly affected by donations.

According to the World Health Organization, only 25% of all health clinics in sub-Saharan Africa are connected to a reliable source of electricity. Off-grid clinics often are unable to provide critical care services after dark when health care providers must rely on candles, kerosene lamps, flashlights, and mobile phones for light. In clinics that have been solar-electrified, the hours of operation have increased 40%, attended birth rates have risen 150%, and staff turnover has decreased.

These clinics end up having a secondary function as community centers for local people, as they are often the only electrified place within many miles. They often serve as a hotspot for local villagers to charge their phones or heat up water—things that seem part of daily routines in the Western society, but are not readily available in the underdeveloped countries of sub-Saharan Africa.

With a monetary donation, Semrush ensured electrification of a health clinic that serves an area population of over 10,000 people in Uganda under the supervision of LTBLI. Previously, mobile phone flashlights served as the only light source in the clinic, and only when charging was available. With a donation from Semrush to LTBLI in 2022, we achieved:

  • Full electrification of Nampanga Health Clinic (Sironco District). The facility had a large number of rooms needing electrification, including examination and consultations rooms, waiting areas, exterior areas, storage rooms, and staff quarters, which were not connected to the clinic block. Maternity examination rooms were also part of the clinic electrification, helping to ensure safe births in the region.
  • Full electrification included two (2) 350 Watt solar electrification systems (for clinic and staff quarters), two (2) 200AH batteries for interior, exterior, and task lighting, charging of phones, computers and microscopes, including hard-wiring, batteries, transportation, and implementation costs.
  • Further details can be found on the Semrush blog.

Our internal commitment:

Semrush is committed to environmental activities that require our employees’ participation and take place both in offices and offsite:

  • All our offices worldwide provide options for commodities/waste recycling and, through educational activities, employees are encouraged to participate in them;
  • In several locations, Semrush partners with environmental organizations (Let’s Make Cyprus Green, Plastic Whale) that organize local clean-up events;
  • Semrush employees support charitable organizations as volunteers offsite, and also in areas such as website development, fundraising, and human resources.

Our community commitment:

In October 2022, Semrush participated in the Leaders for Climate Action (LFCA) program with a 24-month commitment.

LFCA supports its members with Climate Action Strategy planning through regular workshops, peer sessions, and addressing local environmental issues. Additionally, it provides members with an emission calculator to measure personal and company carbon footprints. Members commit to the Green Pledge fulfillment and active reduction of the company’s emissions through reduction of business-specific actions recommended by the community.

Our customer commitment:

In August 2023 Semrush launched a new initiative, Semrush Select, to incentivize its customers to practice their own Corporate Social Responsibility programs and help contribute to a better planet, together.

The program rewards two customers per year, anywhere in the world, with a free Semrush Guru subscription for 12 months, and an offer to match a donation up to $25,000 USD to a non-profit or charity of the customer’s choice. The first customer to win Semrush Select was Boody, a leader in the sustainable fashion industry, who donates to domestic violence shelters. Semrush is proud to match donations to causes that we and our customers believe in. We look forward to announcing future winners of Semrush Select so that the efforts of a growing number of purpose-driven companies are showcased around the world.