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You might be wondering why we are bothering to describe the Sales team’s objectives in a separate section. After all, this team is clearly responsible for making product presentations, attracting new customers, and building partnerships with existing ones.

However, Semrush wouldn’t be Semrush if everything was that simple. In our large Sales team, there are several departments and focus areas:

  • Regional Sales Specialists communicate with potential customers and develop existing accounts. They conduct demo presentations, participate in conferences and fairs, meet with clients both in person and online.
  • Pre-Sale Engineers provide detailed presentations of our platform and tools to convey their value to customers. These colleagues also deal with all technical issues that arise in the sales process, prepare the necessary documentation, and interact with the development teams.
  • Account Managers are responsible for customer onboarding and retention, as well as developing existing accounts.
  • Sales Analysts are responsible for data analysis and operational support of the sales teams.

The Sales team is very large and has members from all over the world. It is truly the most international and spread-out team in the company!

The growth and creativity Semrush brings out in us is something that makes this feel like so much more than just a job.

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