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Tanger, 98, 08018 Barcelona, Spain
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Get to know our vibrant Barcelona office, one of our largest locations—where creativity and collaboration merge!

Here, you’ll find developers, designers, and AI specialists doing what they do best—coming up with innovative ideas to enhance our product. Sales representatives, finance professionals, and marketers also gather here to collaborate on projects.

Equipped with uniquely named meeting rooms inspired by Spanish cultural icons like Dalí, Gaudí, Penelope, and Amaya, this is where a lot of the magic happens.

When we’re not busy plotting our next big product launch or working on new and exciting partnerships, we take the time to kick back and relax with one of the many necessary distractions you can find in the office. Sometimes we embrace the art of unwinding by strumming spontaneous melodic tunes on the office’s very own ukulele. Other times, we decide to make use of our karaoke setup to unleash our inner rockstars with an impromptu performance.

And of course, life in our office means there are special occasions when we organize tournaments on our trusty PS4 (like the Mortal Kombat one we did recently). Finally, let’s not forget our regular team-building events and company-wide parties—those are the perfect occasions to strike up a conversation with someone new every single time!

Throughout the week, our team enjoys themed breakfasts and snacks—Slavic delights on Thursdays, traditional Spanish bites on other days, and casual pizza Fridays.

Our office is located in the city’s innovative 22@ district, known as Barcelona’s hub for technology, creativity, and knowledge-based industries. This area is characterized by modern architecture and sustainable urban planning. You can see this directly from our terrace, which offers breathtaking views of the Torre Glories skyscraper and even the iconic Sagrada Familia. 22@ district has played a significant role in positioning Barcelona as a city at the forefront of technological industries in Europe.

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Location Benefits

Flexible working day start
Health insurance, life insurance
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Working from a modern coworking space (or working from home)
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Unlimited PTO
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Hobby benefit
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Training, courses, conferences
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Corporate events, teambuilding
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English courses
Gifts for employees

As a true coffee connoisseur, I love the wide variety of options we have in the office and the terrace we enjoy them on—it’s a great place to just relax and clear the mind. The view from the office is a picturesque combination of modernism and an industrial area, and inside, the office design is very colorful and energizing.

Adrià López Valero

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