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The Customer Success (CS) team at Semrush is there to show the true value of our products to the customers. It is called “success” for a reason. We wanted to emphasize every team member’s objective: to ensure that our clients benefit the most from Semrush services and that the product helps them in achieving their targets.

Daily duties of these colleagues include responding to сlient questions (via email, phone, and online chat), conducting webinars, and product presentations. In addition, they collect feedback and share it with the teams. This way, we can make sure we release our platform updates promptly and efficiently.

The department consists of multiple teams. The CSM team works closer with our premium customers to deliver service with a personalized approach. The QA team makes sure that colleagues provide the right information at the right time to Semrush users. The CS Operations & Projects team is focused on innovation and making sure that our customers like the way we deliver our strategy. We take customer care seriously!

Our СS teams work globally and provide support in different time zones and in more than 8 different languages.

The growth and creativity Semrush brings out in us is something that makes this feel like so much more than just a job.

Jordan WilcoxSales Executive

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Jordan WilcoxSales Executive

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