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The Marketing team does much more than just promote and advertise Semrush products. They also inspire marketers around the world with their work.

Colleagues from this team are responsible for establishing marketing strategies and conducting market target audience research. They work with content, create and implement advertising campaigns through multiple promotion channels. The team is also closely involved with the Development, Design, Customer Success, and Sales teams. Web content, newsletters, banners, references in the media–all this is created by our Marketing experts.

The Marketing team is truly international and dispersed across the globe. But despite the differences in locations and time zones, our teams work tirelessly together on their common goal: to support one billion marketers in achieving their goals. Can we do it? Certainly!

To me, Semrush encompasses a thousand of opportunities
in one company.

Olga AndrienkoVP of Brand Marketing

Olga Andrienko

Olga AndrienkoVP of Brand Marketing

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